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23 Priceless Habits That Will Make You Your Greatest Self

There’s nothing more beautiful to read on a Friday morning. Happy weekend!

Thought Catalog

1. Love yourself. If you can’t, how can someone else? You can’t truly love someone until you don’t need them in your life… No one is going to fix your problems or make you a better person but you, so love yourself and the rest will fall into place eventually.

2. Workout EVERY DAY. Embrace the pain. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger & on top of the physical benefits, exercise has enumerable mental benefits. Excuses are merely a product of laziness, not a lack of capability.

3. Eat healthy — you can only feel as good as the food you eat and you will not be happy if you are old and get fat or have high cholesterol. Seriously, it’s not that hard to eat a salad instead of a burger.

4. You are capable of anything you set your mind to. If you want to do something…

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Hottest Nail Art for Winter 2013

Girls will never grow tired of getting their nails done. It is always a great way of expressing your style without getting overstated about your own fashion. This season’s hottest nail art varies from color, to design, and brands. I picked some that summarizes all that.

Dainty Sparkle

Dainty sparkle nail design

Have you DIY your nail polish yet? With this design, you can customize the color of the sparkles.

Red Prints on White Polish

Whites and Snow Flakes in Red

I love how intricate the lines are on this one. White always a favorite.

Turquoise Snow Man

Snowman and Winter Nail Art

Sooo cute! Playing with white polish automatically gives that frosty look!

Classic Red Winter Nails

Classic Winter Red

There ain’t nothing prettier than these red nails.  It reminds me of cinnamon mints and candy cane so much!

Sweater Inspiration

Winter Reindeer Snow Nail Design

Suddenly your nails feel so warm and all bundled up. Thanks to your sweater-themed nail art!

Gray and Sparkly is so Classy

Sparkle Gray Nail Art

Time less and lovely to look at. This color goes along with any colors of your outfit. Perfect!

Black Tie Nail Art

Sophisticated Nail Art

I called it “Black Tie Nails” because the design is so glamorous! Look at that matte black..beautiful!

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Best Quotes About Beauty

You landed on this blog because you are indeed a lover of life and the beauty of it! Don’t you also wish you can keep all those quotes you come across in the Internet everyday? So am I! Here are few of my favorite quotes about beauty that I truly cherish. Enjoy!


Audre Hepburn Beauty Quotes

Marilyn Monroe Beauty Quotes

It takes guts to be gentle and kind

Miss Piggy Beauty Quotes

Little girls have dreams too

Your soul is beautiful

Life is beautiful quotes

Peace is beautiful

How Mineral Makeup Can Harm Your Skin

Natural Makeup Ingredients

What’s in your makeup? Check out the contents of your makeup to avoid skin irritation and allergies. If you see one from this list, ditch the product.

Mineral makeup is a type of makeup made from powdered minerals. It is best to apply with a use of brush to even out your skin tone and maximize its coverage. It’s best known to have that shimmery finish.  Mineral makeup perfects highlighting cheekbones  and sweep bronzer on collar bones. 🙂

However, some experience skin irritation after using mineral foundation, because some mineral makeup brands contain manmade chemicals that could be harmful to sensitive skin. If this happens to you, stop using the product and consult your dermatologist.

What ingredients may cause this irritation?

Bismuth oxychloride is an inorganic white powder. It is a byproduct from refining lead, tin, copper, silver and gold ores. Bismuth is not safe for use in makeup without refinements and it has to be combined with water and chloride — a compound derived from chlorine. Mineral manufacturers add this to their products to give your skin an “unnatural” shimmery effect.

Mica is listed as moderately hazardous in a Cosmetics Database website. Why is that? Mica is a silicate mineral, that comes from the earth’s mineral rocks (for example, muscovite). In 2010, Dr. Mehmet Oz exposed the dangers of mica in mineral makeup. Over time, according to Dr. Oz, mica can cause scarring, inflammation and lung disease in people who use it often.

Boron Nitride is a manmade chemical that offers great adhesion to your skin. It also helps mask the appearance of fine lines. Remember, not everything that gives instant beautifying effect are good for you.

It’s best for you to trust only the products with high-grade materials and not just the brand.

Are you a mineral makeup enthusiast?

Lemme know what ya think of mineral cosmetics in the comments!